easy study tracking for parents and students

MyStudyTracker from Carl Holden on Vimeo.

Why Does Your Family Need MyStudyTracker?

MyStudyTracker is an application for mobile devices and the web to monitor your students study hours!

It keeps track of how long they are actually in your designated study locations. You can set each students minimum study hours, and at the end of each week, you and your students receive reports automatically.

Getting a free trial is easy!

Stop worrying! Sign up for a free trial on this website!

Send your registration code to your student via text or email.

They open the app and hit START to begin tracking. It's easy!

Receive regular email reports on your students studying progress!

How does it work? Is it safe for my student?

MyStudyTracker uses GPS technology in order to track student locations. Once the student enters a designated study zone, the app recognizes where they are and allows them to start the timer for studying. You may have as many study locations, both on and off campus, as needed.

Parents receive an automatic report every week detailing who made study hours and who didn't. Students also receive a weekly automated email displaying their hours.

Don't worry about security or privacy when it comes to MyStudyTracker. The application does not save location data in any way. It only checks to see if a students phone is in the radius of a study location and then discards the information.

Features of MyStudyTracker

  • Automatic Reports
    Parent and student receive weekly reports. MyStudyTracker does it all for you!

  • Improve GPA
    Prevents students from cheating the system. Improve your students' GPA.

  • Unlimited Study Locations
    Your students can study at as many study locations as you would like.

  • Multiple Students
    You may have up to four students, even if they are at different schools!

  • Student Hours
    Track each student's hours individually. These can be changed at any time for penalty or bonus.

  • Time Controlled Study Locations
    Set the times you would like the study location to be enabled.

  • Early College Study Programs
    MyStudyTracker is great for early college programs! Track and prepare students for their upcoming college career.

  • Free Trial
    Free Trial lasts 2 weeks and no payment information needs to be entered during trial period.

  • Payment
    No surprise automatic renewals. You can simply pay for another year by re-entering your payment information.

Easy Pricing Plans

Simply choose one at the end of your FREE trial